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  • Quran-o-Hadees kay qissey

Quran-o-Hadees kay qissey

AUTHOR :  Rana Safvi 

                    (Translated by Mohammad Anas)

GENRE : Translation (Hindi)


About the book :  ‘

The Quran and Hadees contain delightful fables. These entertain as well as educate.In this wonderful selection acclaimed author Rana Safvi has selected 20 beautiful stories which are sure to appeal to all age groups, particularly the young adults.

 About the author :

Rana Safvi is a prominent figure deeply committed to India's rich cultural heritage and diverse civilizational legacy. Her work spans a variety of media including writings, podcasts, videos, and translations. With a remarkable portfolio, she has authored ten books that delve into topics ranging from culture and history to the monuments of India. Notable titles among her works include "Tales from the Quran and Hadith," "The Delhi Trilogy: Where Stones Speak," "The Forgotten Cities of Delhi," "Shahjahanabad: The Living City of Old Delhi," "A Saint, A Folk Tale and Other Stories," and "In Search of The Divine: Living Histories of Sufism in India."
Rana Safvi's blog, "," serves as a treasure trove of cultural, literary, and historical insights. 
Overall, Rana Safvi's multifaceted contributions encompass history, literature, cultural preservation, and the exploration of culinary heritage. Through her diverse efforts, she continues to enrich our understanding of India's multifarious tapestry and deep-rooted traditions.

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BINDING : Paperback

SIZE:  140 mm x 215 mm

PAGES: 148

Availabilty: In Stock

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